Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER
Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER
Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER
Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER

Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER

Manufacturer: BME

Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER

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Mosquito Magnet Trap mod. PIONEER

The Mosquito Magnet Pioneer is designed for homeowners who need to protect small and medium areas not to be annoyed by mosquitoes, and finally enjoy the garden.

The patented "Counterflow Technology" emits carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, simultaneously sucking the harmful insects and trapping them in a net where they dehydrate and die.

The Mosquito Magnet trap fights mosquitoes of the species "Aedes" responsible for the Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya, malaria and other viral diseases.

The model Pioneer is equipped with an electric cable of 15 meters to 12 volts. This cable makes it safe for children and pets.

The new electronic card applied to Mosquito Magnet PIONEER is easy to use.


  • Coverage: Small and medium areas
  • Power source: with cable
  • Dimensions: 38cm x 62cm x 75cm
  • Material: PVC ultraresistente e acciaio trattato
  • Essences usable: Octenolo e Lurex
  • Maintenance: Reload the GPL tank every 21 days. Empty the net when it is full.

The principal differences between PATRIOT are:

  • The network for insects is 3 times larger.
  • The "Tongue & Groove" design allows the insect to clog the engine compartment and is more resistant to weathering.
  • The CO2 flow is warmer so still attract more insects.
  • A new and more powerful electronic card

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